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What is horoscope?

The word ‘horoscope’ was originally derived from two Latin words – ‘Horo’ meaning hour and ‘Scope’ meaning view. Astrologers like Acharya Richa Gour refer to horoscope as the astrological chart, which is calculated from the positions of the planets. Since the calculations are based on the date, the time and place of birth, horoscope is extremely personal. Horoscope helps people to know their future and stay prepared. It also gives people an opportunity to change the track of their life for better results.

Horoscope offers deep awareness and insight to individuals. People can realize and hone their potentials for achieving great feats in life. Acharya Richa Gour can help you in that quest and can provide you the answers you’ve been looking for.

Daily Planetary Overview

Do you want to know what the alignment of planets means for you? Do you want to gain knowledge from before regarding cosmic events? Keep an eye on our daily planetary overview and learn how the movements of the planets are affecting your day, life, relationships or professional life. We will help you to stay prepared for whatever will come next and also make known the planets that are most compatible with each other. Do not leave your house without knowing what the day has in store for you because it is always better to stay prepared. Acharya Richa Gour goes to great length to make sure that her predictions are accurate.

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